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NEXT passes all homologation tests: modular vehicle is close to commercial debut

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

There are futuristic ideas that remain forever in the state of renderings, science fiction but not very concrete. And others that through tenacity, intuition, entrepreneurial skills and investment become reality. This is the case of Getplus, the company founded in 2017 that has officially completed the testing phase for the homologation of the NEXT modular electric vehicle, therefore now close to making its debut on the road. The winning intuition of Tommaso Gecchelin, 37, the company's founder and CTO, was to envision a modular vehicle that allows up to five units to be coupled and uncoupled from each other to create a mass transit vehicle that, depending on demand, can serve more or fewer passengers.

The highly complex process of homologation has been entrusted to a reference homologation body that verifies that the new vehicles meet the very strict quality, efficiency and safety standards required by European legislation.

"Homologation is a very delicate and complicated phase for those who want to get their vehicles on the road," Gecchelin explains. "The most challenging part for us was making the vehicle safe against accidents; we found an innovative solution that allowed us to achieve maximum safety in case of a crash despite the vehicle's short length. We are proud that in a relatively short period we were able to go from making the prototype to passing all the tests, which will allow our vehicle to travel on any Italian and European road."

Now that NEXT is close to homologation, Getplus is ready to go to market to move on to contracting with the many institutional and private partners who wish to revolutionize their transportation system, public or private, making it more efficient in passenger handling, less environmentally impactful, and ultimately more economical than other solutions on the market.

The company continues to receive tremendous interest from both public and private entities, and is working hard to implement a business plan that will allow it to begin fulfilling orders on a pre-order basis. In addition, close collaboration continues with the Dubai Transport Authority, which first showed interest in this made-in-Italy solution as part of an ambitious plan to entirely rethink the Emirate's mobility by 2030 and project it into the future; as Getplus is ready to do, already starting today.

NEXT is now.

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