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Next is an advanced smart transportation system based on swarms of modular electric vehicles,

Each module can join and detach with other modules on standard city roads.

When joined, they create an open, bus-like area among modules, allowing passengers to stand and walk from one module to another.


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Services in Motion

80% Less Traffic

100% Ubiquity

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Modularity allows en-route-transfer, that optimizes system capacity, cuts cost and traffic, increase ubiquity and comfort for the passengers.

 first step | human driving 

Human drivers will be needed for legal reasons for a few years.
But NEXT modularity is applicable right now with immediate benefits before self-driving will become legal.

For Example:

Flexible Capacity Bus

- Just one bus driver for up to 80 passengers

- From 15% to 75% less consumption

- Virtually no charging off-time

- Repurposable Idle Vehicles for car-sharing, logistics and services

Thanks to thorough cognitive psychology scientific analysis using Virtual Reality interactive simulation we've developed the most simple and seamless in-motion-transfer user experience

Check out the following 360 immersive video experience!


In Febraury 2018 we presented the first two fully functional vehicles in Dubai,

at the international event:

Dubai World Government Summit

We tested the vehicles in Dubai

including, not only the self-driving

capability but especially the docking

in motion, unique Next feature

"In-Motion-Logistics-Redistribution" means:

- Faster & Cheaper Delivery
- Less Static Warehouses
- Less Infrastructure Costs

NEXT Logistics is designed to be customizable and scalable for a wide range of Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) applications.


NEXT modular system benefits are backed by extensive  independent academic research and active collaborations 


"60% reduction in distance traveled by the fleet to move the same amount of people" 


"[NEXT] improves the vehicle utilization rates and reduce the total cost (i.e. the total of energy cost and passenger waiting cost)"


"[NEXT] system which captures the key cost and convenience benefits of AVs and SAVs while curbing excess use of individual vehicles and abandonment of public transport."


 international conferences 

NEXT is constantly featured in the most

important international conferences and events as icon of sustainable and smart future mobility

Watch Tommaso Gecchelin, the founder inventor and CTO

of NEXT Future Transportation conference at TEDx TUM, in

Munich, Germany in December 2018

TED Global Talk by Wanis Wabbaj (UPS Head of Marketing) describing NEXT as efficient as blood cells delivering oxigen to the whole body

 videos & updates

Keep informed about the developments of the project

DUBAI NEXT Pods explained by RTA Dubai Roads & Transportation Authority

Watch how simplified version of en-route-transfer between NEXT units can improve traffic, cost and comfort

NEXT travel planner let you decide not only where to go, but how to go there, including on-demand services 

What3Words Partnership: Choose your destination precisely and easily with just three words

NEXT can be also a modular feeder bus for metro and trains

NEXT is "Infrastructure-in-motion"
In this case modules host airport terminal services,
to go from home to the airplane without even enter the real terminal.

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