Capacity per Unit

Passengers: 10 (up to 20 all standing)

Seating: 6 (standard)

Standing: 4 (standard)

Dimensions per Unit

Length: 2,67 m
Width: 2,35 m
Height: 2,89 m
Ground clearance: 5 - 30 cm
(Adjustable via Active Air-Suspensions)
Wheelbase: 1,92 m

Curb weight: 2000kg

Powertrain per Unit (Standard)
Drive Wheels: 4

Motor: Electric in-wheel

Power: 32kW (80kW peak)
Maximum Speed: 70 km/h
(90 km/h with 2 or more units)

Max Slope: 9% 

Powertrain per Unit (Optional)
Drive Wheels: 2

Motor: Electric in-wheel

Power: 100kW (150kW peak)
Maximum Speed: 90 km/h
(120 km/h with 2 or more units)

Max Slope: 15%

Steering (single Unit)
Steerable Wheels: 4 Independently Steered

Turning Radius: Up to Zero-Radius-Turning
Steering (4 Units Joined)
Steerable Wheels: 16 Sync Steering
Turning Radius: 6,50 m

Energy per Unit (Customizable)

Battery: Battery pack LiFeP04
Theoretical capacity: 40 kWh
Theoretical average autonomy: 8 hours

Battery Swap
Manual with Pallet Jack or Forklift
or Automatic on dedicated swap stations.
Battery Swap Time: 2 Minutes (manually)

Thanks to battery swap, by default,
batteries are charged outside the vehicle.
If needed the battery pack can be

customized for charging on board. 
Charge at 90%: 9 hours 3,6kW plug
Charge at 90%: 5 hours with 7,2 kW plug

Interiors per Unit

Air Conditioning: 5.0kW (17000BTU)
Frontal & Back Doors: Sliding

Side Door (Optional): Sliding 
Body: Aluminum & Stainless Steel
Side Windows: Tempered Glass
Front/Back Windows: Laminated Glass
Access Ramp (Optional)
Safety: 3-Points seatbelt equipped seats

Security: RGBD Camera in each unit

Self-Driving Capabilities
Fully Driverless in private areas,

or parking spaces for fleet

rearrangement and joining.

Automatic docking in-motion with

emergency manual override. 

Human driver enabled when on

public roads with manual failsafe
braking system and triple redundancy
steer-by-wire system.

- 1 x Lidar 180°

- 1 x Long Range Radar
- 6 x RGB Stereo Cameras
- 16 x Ultrasound Proximity Sensors
- 4 x Wheels Encoders

- 2 x IMUs




NEXT Pods Joinable: 4 to 15 Units 
(depending on local roads regulations)

Docking: Rigid, with Virtual-Link* in case

of tight turns or steepness.

*Virtual Link: Pods slightly detach, platooning

as long as the road condition are critical.
Pods re-join when conditions are optimal. 

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