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| autonomous + modular + electric |

walk freely among coupled modules

| NEXT Travel Planner |

| people and goods logistics optimization |

| in motion battery swap |

| services delivered to you in motion |

Call a Next

Wherever you are, just use

Next App to call a module that
will come to you and bring you to your selected destination.

Modules Coupling

The smart routing system
of Next will autonomously
drive the vehicles and join
together modules.


When modules are coupled, the passengers are redistributed to optimize occupancy rate,
cutting energy consumption
and traffic footprint.

Logistics Optimization

Dynamic modularity guarantees the ubiquity and flexibility of a personal car, while being traffic efficient more than a citybus.

Services in Motion

During the trip you can call for service modules (bar, shop, toilet, restaurants etc.), which directly reach and join the module you are in, while in motion, without any stops.

June 2017 Product Development UPDATE:

first official video of the full scale working prototype!

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